Suzanne Painting on the Rocks at Killarney Provincial Park Ontario

The world which surrounds me at any given time gives rise to my artistic expression. This changes with the exploration of those seasons,ideas, and emerges with new waves of ideas to experiment with. These processes may be driven by new artistic experiences exposed during workshops, "plein aire" sessions or by viewings of new work.


I participate in the Bruce Peninsula Society of Artist’s Studio Tour, and have sometimes participate in the August Art Show in Lion’s Head.

My work has been sold through Circle Arts Gallery and The Golden Gallery in Tobermory.

As a result of the outbreak of Covid-19.All public exhibits, and shows have been cancelled.My private gallery can be viewed by appointment.

 I have been selling my paintings since 1981, and they are in many private collections around the world.


These images were developed on site out of doors, or in my studio using the wonderful medium of transparent watercolour.

Acrylic and Oils

My studio work is represented in these mediums.


This is a technique of painting with beeswax and oil paint. It can be used with various approaches such as collage, photocopy transfer, gouging, and layering with transparencies, and much more. It has been used since Ancient times.



These works were done using watercolour paint on an acrylic printing plate. This was either put though a press, or hand printed, by me on paper.

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Artist's Statement

Suzanne at the Studio Tour, Lion's Head Ontario

The Bruce Peninsula is a wonderful location to live, and experience the natural landscape.


The quality of light on the snow, water, and land requires a life time of observation. The changeable sky and water have kept me stimulated for years trying to experiment, and re-create my version, of these visual experiences.


After graduating from University of Western Ontario, and University of Guelph, I spent some time teaching art. We moved to the Bruce to experience a different lifestyle. We lived off the grid, in a self- built solar, and wind powered home. Hiking into the property during the winter brought many encounters with nature. Being able to observe  the seasonal changes up close was very fulfilling.


My art reflects this experience through watercolours, acrylic or oil paint, pastel or mono prints.


I will teach individuals or small groups of people watercolours or acrylics, depending on your interest. I am happy to teach at any level from beginners to intermediate levels of experience.


These workshops can take place at your cottage or home, from your material or on location "en plein aire" on the Bruce Peninsula.


Please contact me for availability and rates.


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